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We want people to fully realize their passion. Stagnant coffee and coffee shops take people's time and money - taking away from their passion.

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Wouldn't you rather spend time in your passions than preparing or going out of your way for coffee that isn't even your select specialty grounds?

Well now you can look to a better future. One that is more efficient with your time and effort to keep more of your energy and focus on the work and adventures in your life, without slacking on that quality brew.

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The "Axis" experience

Just imagine being able to be in your dream destination or simply at the office, fully experiencing the freshest possible first sip of your second cup, brewed with your select specialty coffee.

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Whole bean coffee

The premium "straight-from-farm" coffee of your dreams has arrived. Your 100% Arabica blend from Guatemala with chocolate and caramel notes will make a great pair with your new Axis portable coffee maker.

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We're revolutionizing the way people consume coffee and look forward to having you along for the ride!

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